Oh hi there!  Fancy meeting you here.

My name is Emily, which I suppose is evident from the URL that has miraculously ended up in your browser’s address bar.  You may also notice that I am claiming to be an adult (something I am working on adjusting to).  These two facts are the overarching theme of this blog: who I am, at thirty years old.  So let’s start with who I’ve been up until now.

Like so many Emilys, I was born in the early 1980s.  I’m the oldest of two kiddos born to hippie artist types; my parents are both photographers and my dad’s a musician too.  When I was four years old, they packed me, my baby sister and our belongings into a Toyota Tercel and hit the road looking for somewhere new to live.  After spending time in Asheville, NC, Pittsburg, KS, and many places in between, we settled in Eugene, OR, where we stayed for several months and then decided to return to upstate New York, where we’d started.  We were raised on the Beatles and tofu, and were given very little to rebel against.   It was kind of a magical way to grow up.

After 24 years in the same town, though, I decided to move to Boston.  I fell in love, got a Master’s Degree, got married, and before I knew it, I’d put down roots here.  My sister followed me here after a year, putting exactly 50% of our family here in Massachusetts now.  A year ago, I joined an amazing burlesque troupe.  With all this and a really great network of friends, my roots are feeling happily deep and strong.

…which brings me to now.  This fall I turned 30, cut all my hair off, and quit the miserable job I’d been at for the last 2.5 years.  I’m now a receptionist at a rather large office with a spectacular view of the harbor.  It’s nowhere nearer to my chosen field (arts education), but the office is gorgeous, I have plenty of spare time, and the people are good to me.  Aaaand, the aforementioned spare time affords me lots of energy to focus on what I keep referring to as “getting my life in order,” but what I’d like to think of more as “owning my adulthood.”  I’m not sure if I believe what people say about your 20’s – I’m starting to think that life is just starting to get exciting now that I’m 30.  There is so much I want to do, and I feel so ready to do it.

What do I want to do, you ask?  Well.  Let’s see.  I want to write, I want to perform, I want to produce, I want to teach, I want to travel, I want to sew, I want to start a family, I want to train to be a doula, I want to be better at cooking, and I want to document EVERYTHING…

So that’s where you come in, little blog.  This is going to be a chronicle of my ongoing journey through adulthood, and of reinventing just what it means to be Emily, grown-up.

8 thoughts on “HELLO.

  1. I can totally help you with the cooking bit. I love to teach people to cook. As to starting a family and that other stuff, I’ll leave it to your hubby

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