So, as I alluded to in my last post, I’ve recently been indoctrinated into the world of Instagram.  For someone who, ten years ago, railed against digital photography in general, I’m definitely a convert now.  I still miss the days of hanging out in the darkroom, but I wouldn’t trade the ease of digital/phone photography for anything.  So here’s a sampling of the quasi-hipstery Instagram photos I’ve taken of late:


little sister’s wedding hair trial.

Davis Square sunset sky.

new favorite boots – 7 bucks at Goodwill.

burlesque props.



pre-show makeup.

the ceiling at Berklee, where we saw the Magnetic Fields last month.

me and some buttons.


the dapper men in my life, en route to a Kentucky Derby party.

what Boston’s looked like a lot lately.

I found some ears.


I’m thinking perhaps I’ll make this a weekly thing?  Lord knows I take enough pictures.



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