Insta(nt)gra(tification)m Part (Whatever)

Hey, look: I found time in my busy day to give you a mini-tour of the last two weeks of my life, via Instagram!  Also, starting today, I’m participating in Haberdash Vintage‘s August Photo-A-Day Challenge, so that should keep me busy over there.  (Are you as addicted to Instagram as I am?  Come follow me: @eepeepee)

1. Pineapple-coconut-blood orange popsicle, courtesy of the Boston Public Market at Dewey Square, near my office.
2. Strangely delicious garbanzo beans from my office’s kitchen.
3. Boston has looked like this a lot lately.
4. Our bowling names.  Can you guess which one was me?
5. Jaime bowling at Flatbread.
6. Feeling smug in my new glasses.
7. Naughty glass cleaner.
8. One of Craig Swanson‘s shirts I spent way too long giggling about at Someville ArtBeat (I bought my dad this one).
9. Neighborhood rooftop jamming.
10. En route to NYC this past weekend.
11. Nicholas is living the hug life.
12. My dad and his trusty Leica.
13. Diner floor in IForgetWhereWeWere, CT.
14. Karaoke Noir.
15. Decorating my new desk at work.
16. Husband and me on Ice Cream For Dinner Night.
17. Os Gêmeos mural in progress on the Greenway.

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