August, via Spotify

This month’s Spotify playlist is how August feels to me, in 20 songs.  In my mind, August feels a bit like dancing at a bar at 1:30 AM on a Saturday.  You’re tired, you’re sweaty, you know it’s almost over, and yet still you’re all WAITWAITCOMEONONEMORESONGONEMOREDRINKIWANTTHISTOLASTFOREVER and then the next thing you know it’s the next morning (or the fall) and everything the night (months) before feels like a heatstroke fever dream.

You know what I mean?  August, man.  Sexy, frenzied, overheated August.


Come on!  Just a little longer, August!

2 thoughts on “August, via Spotify

  1. Yes. I love that more people are using Spotify for playlists. This is a fair way to make sure the artists get something (even if it isn’t a lot) for their work. I love using Spotify!

    Nice mix! While I can’t really dance to The Rake Song, I have definitely sang it at the top of my lungs while driving. So great!

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