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Ahoy, friends.  I’m still alive, chugging away at the new position at work.  Lately I’ve been spending my days reading and entering info from law students’ resumes, which makes me feel woefully a) old and b) under-accomplished.  I’m not actually sure how I’ve found time to write this, actually, so I’m going to make it quick since I’m sure I’ll remember something I’m supposed to be doing any moment now.

Aside from work, I’ve been continuing to try to get every last moment of potential awesomeness out of the remaining summer.  We’ve made weekend trips, hosted parties, shopped flea markets and vintage fairs, and sang lots of karaoke.  Today we’re headed to NYC for the Jazz Age Lawn Party, which I’ve wanted to go to for a couple years now so of course I’m SUPEREXCITED.  I just need to make it another hour or so and we’ll be on our way!  Expect lots of photos in the future of all aforementioned events.

And, just for fun/vanity, here’s a quick outfit shot from a few weeks ago.  My summer uniform this year seems to be maxi skirts, mismatched patterns and headscarves.  Or, the “I-Dress-Myself-In-The-Dark” look.

(shirt – Threadless / skirt – LOFT [Yes, I was surprised, too] / scarf – thrifted (via Šarka’s Collection at the Davis Flea) / glasses –

Unrelated: that box isn’t really full of Cheez-Its, unfortunately.  Enjoy the glimpse of what our home looks like, though.  Oh hey, there’s an idea for a post…

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