Insta(nt)gra(tification)m: Playing Catch-Up Edition

Man, even my Instagramming has been quiet lately.  These span a month and a half, a trip to Colorado (more on that to come), a burlesque show, apple picking, a wedding, and a few other random things thrown in there too.

1. An oddly intimate moment in the on-flight safety booklet.
2. Lights in Vail, CO.
3. The view from the window at my friend Sarah’s place in Boulder.
4. Rehearsal.
5. Somerville, lookin’ fine.
6. My attempt at drawing the Prince symbol.
7. My in-laws’ dog, Buddy.  So in love.
8. Tech rehearsal sexiness.
9. Wisest fortune yet
10. A burlesque prop cake in the making.
11. Pre-show glitter lips.
12. The mister picks an apple.
13. The setting for the wedding we attended last week.
14. My (mostly) successful apple crisp.
15. What I came home to yesterday.  That’s my husband under an afghan, wearing a straw boater hat.

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