Transmissions from Preggo Brain

So last week, I somehow managed to forget my winter coat at home when going to upstate NY for Christmas.  While this was certainly not its first appearance, this was definitely the best example of what I’ve been calling “Preggo Brain.” I realize this is not a phenomenon that is unique to me, but it has nonetheless been interesting.  Aside from apparently deciding I didn’t need a winter coat in December, my own brand of Preggo Brain has looked like this:

  • Walking into a telephone pole while texting
  • Narrowly avoiding a meltdown when being told at Target that their registry was down
  • Falling over onto two chairs at a bar
  • Bawling at Liz Lemon’s “Planty” dream sequence on 30 Rock

…so basically, pregnancy – specifically, the second trimester – has made me clumsy and emotional and maybe a bit of a jerk.  Also, Preggo Brain seems to be bad for blogging.  I need to get better at that; this is a magical time that I need to be documenting, or something, etc. etc.  Still, I love the perks, like having people give up their seats for me on the T, and this genius belly band thingy that enables me to wear my pants COMPLETELY unzipped.  Seriously, I’ll be wearing this thing for the rest of my life.

In other bebe news, we found out a few weeks ago that our spawn is a LADY BABY (with an absurdly adorable nose):


The creature!

And, here’s a little visual update for those of y’alls who like belly pictures:


12 weeks: more beer than baby



She’s half-cooked!

(Yeah, I need to clean that mirror before the next belly photo.)

So, that’s what’s up in the land of my womb and its inhabitant.  I’ll keep you posted on whatever bizarre things may happen next.  Oh, and Happy Effing New Year, friends.  Needless to say, I’m pretty damn excited for 2013.  I hope you are, too.


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