My name is Emily, and I am an adult.

Phew.  It was good to get that off my chest.  That’s the first step, right?

This is me:

Outside Abbey Road Studios, Summer 2011

I am newly thirty-one, an admin assistant, wife, baby-grower, burlesque dancer, amateur photographer, out-of-practice writer, and all-around novice grown-up.  I have a master’s degree in theatre education (which I hope to someday use).  I live with my husband in Somerville, MA, in an apartment full of musical instruments, vintage cameras and various crafting supplies.

Us (and an innocent bystander) on our wedding day. Photo by Brandon Vick.

Our home

As you might have guessed, this blog is my chronicle of what it means to be me, as an adult.  That means this blog will be many things (like me!): a lifestyle blog, a fashion blog, a home decorating blog, a burlesque blog, a photo blog and probably a lot more as time goes on.

So welcome!  Let’s reinvent adulthood.


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