But This Day By The Lake Went Too Fast.

Summer!  Oh, summer.  My favorite kind of summer is full of late nights and lazy mornings, impromptu gatherings and wine-soaked conversations.  To be a successful summer, it must include at least one awful sunburn and one group camping trip.  And by these standards, I’ve had a successful summer indeed.

A few weeks ago, the mister and six of our friends and I retreated to a state park near Albany for a weekend of lounging, frisbee-ing, and lake-swimming.  It was kind of perfect, really.

It was definitely far from roughing it, but there’s just something so nice about having no choice but to sit around and just talk to each other – no TV, no cell phone, no laptop – just the company of people who you genuinely like.  It’s something I want to make sure I do on a regular basis.  And you should too.


Another Insta(nt)gra(tification)m!

For your viewing pleasure, I have Instagrammed views of all sorts of summer things: camping, dogs, babies, sunburn, karaoke, just to name a few.

2. Dressed up as Dr. Girlfriend for our show at the Rusty Gear Con.
3. Buffy and the creature from Alien, before our private gig.
4. Sunday night karaoke crowd.
5. Elmo, is that you?
6. In the back of a windowless van, en route to 4th of July hangout.
7. Nicholas.
8. Lunch break.
9. Me, Paul, and the 87 bus.
10. Karaoke magic.
11. Trying to sell my stuff.
12. Vintage shirt tag.
13. Sam “the Beagle” Sensale.
14. My beautiful post-flea-market sunburn.
15. At the new falafel place in Davis Square.
16. Lucy, the newest human I know.  (Born just about two weeks ago to my friends Nancy and Mike)
17. Definitely the coolest thing that’s happened to me at work thus far.
18. Snacks at our office’s carnival-themed summer party.
19. My current favorite beer, enjoyed on our camping trip.
20. New Kork-Ease sandals that were waiting for me when we returned from camping.  They were on sale!
21. Burly-q rehearsal.