Photo-A-Day 20

day twenty: handwriting


Spent a good chunk of my day off with good people, eating good food and drinking good drinks, at Trina’s Starlite Lounge.  Their bloody Marys are delish and our waitress, Camille, was awesome.  And they serve pitchers of Kool-Aid (a luxury I was never allowed in my super-crunchy childhood)!  Yum.  How did everyone else spend their day off?



Photo-A-Day 11

day eleven: makes you happy

This is my friend Nicholas with the husband, at the Chili Cook-Off tonight.  It’s become an annual tradition with our friends, and tonight was full of lots of good food, good people, and an obligatory late-night Whitney Houston sing-along.  And now, food coma!

Photo-A-Day 6

day six: dinner

Instead of photographing my food itself (because a) it wasn’t very interesting, and b) aren’t you sick of looking at photos of food?  Check out my friend Alli’s article about this), I’ve captured for you here our dinner ritual.  Here, you have assumed the point of view of our TV (and makeshift tripod), which will soon be showing us 30 Rock reruns.  The husband has recently decided that for the next year, this is the only face he will be making in photographs.  I’m not sure why he decided to include the most recent issue of Bust. 

(edit: he says: “I was pretending that Maya Rudolph was eating the food.”)