Meredith Is An Adult, Too.

When I moved to Boston for grad school six years ago, I barely knew anyone, save from one friend who moved with me at the same time.  Having stayed in my hometown for undergrad (which I attended with my high school sweetheart), I’d never really had to do the whole moving-to-a-brand-new-city, making-all-new-friends thing.  I figured I’d be amongst like-minded people in my Master’s program and would be fast friends with everyone in it.  And while I did make a number of good friends, none of them were quite like Meredith.

Meredith is like nobody else I met in grad school.  She can sing Carole King at karaoke like no other (except maybe Carole King).  She introduced me to Teen Girl Squad and unconventional vocal warm-ups.*  While I was (melodramatically) mourning the end of a relationship, she insisted on coming over and cooking for me rather than let me mope on the couch, living on cheese slices, pita chips and Harry Potter.  She is witty and sarcastic yet loyal and kind.

In short, she is everything I needed in a friend.

The night I got engaged. Check my swollen ring finger.

The day we became Masters.

Bride and bridesmaid.

Of course,  grad school came to an end, and with our brand new, somewhat useless degrees in hand, we set off to figure out what to do next.  As it turned out, that meant Meredith would move to Texas to teach high school theater: pretty kick-ass, career-wise, but not so great for me.  We bridesmaided for each other’s weddings (three months apart), and then suddenly three years had gone by.  Finally, this was remedied two weeks ago when she flew up to Boston.  I took two days off from work and had myself a mighty fine catching-up staycation.

There were beers to be drank.

Armpits to be aired.

Laughs to be had.

Needless to say, it was so good to have her visit.  It was like three years hadn’t happened, which is pretty much what I’d expected.  It’s good to know that some things don’t change, regardless of Texas or marriage or whatever else.

And, and, and!  Today is Meredith’s thirtieth birthday.  And while she may not like to admit it, Meredith is just the kind of adult I strive to be.  So the happiest of birthdays to you, dear Meredith.  May we continue to grow into kick-ass grown-ups, together.


* “I bite the heads off puppies, and their warm blood drips all over my new shoes.”

And P.S. She blogs too, guys.