Two Emilys/Photo-A-Day 18

Something I love about my life?  I get to live two of them.

Seriously!  Since I started doing burlesque in 2010, I’ve gotten to have two identities: Emily and Polly.

Polly channels Stevie Nicks. And Ke$ha.

Emily in the morning/day eighteen: drink

It really is quite liberating.  Take, for example, our Facebook pages (that’s right, Polly has her own).  While Emily may post about any number of things, ranging from our new blender* to what I wore to work, Polly is pure id.  Hungover?  Shopping for domme-y underwear?  Repressing urges to tear off my clothes and go streaking through the office?  All Polly.  Even my Google Reader shows this: Emily subscribes to blogs about motherhood (my favorite is Julie’s) and home decorating, while Polly reads the Hubba Hub and 21st Century Burlesque Magazine.  As I write this, I realize it must sound a little disordered and somewhat schizophrenic, but I assure you, it’s not.  These two worlds coexist quite happily in our home; right now, for example, I’m sitting at our dining room table, sipping a smoothie I just made out of all sorts of good, healthy stuff.  Strewn in front of me are Bananagrams, my inhaler, glitter glue, and a sequined bustier.  We’ve got Christmas cards from friends strung up on the wall** and tasseled pasties on the side table.  I guess the best thing about these two worlds is when they overlap: when my friends (or my parents!) come to our shows, or when I find glitter in my husband’s beard.***  It’s times like this, like this morning, when I woke up next to him, with remnants of eyelash glue still on my face,**** that I feel so lucky to be able to be these different people, both of whom are distinctly me.

*I finally opened it!

**Probably time to take those down, now that I think of it.

***No really, this happens a lot.

****That shit’s hard to get off, especially when you’re dead tired.