I am a Bus.

Okay, blog.  I’m here now.  I’m sorry I neglected you; I’ve been busy with shows.  I know, lame excuse.

How is it that busy-ness leads to extreme laziness?  The evidence: piles of clothing, sequined and otherwise, accumulating in the corners of our bedroom; unprepared lunches; un-sewn costumes; un-filed taxes.  I took over 1,400 photos in one day, but our internet was down, my Photoshop trial ran out, and now they’re all sitting there.  Oh, and then I broke my lens!  All these obstacles just made me want to crawl into bed and hibernate.

And how is it that suddenly you wake up one day an adult, with adult problems?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was worried about homework, about writing papers?  Now I’m trying to figure out money, marriage, future (un-conceived) babies.  When did that happen?  I guess I’m belaboring the point of this whole blog: growing up is weird, and it sneaks up on you.

(I think Rebecca Woolf said it better in this post than I can.)

However, I woke up today (after a really bizarre dream about hunting Michael Meyers from the Halloween movies) feeling good.  Walking to the T this morning, the air this morning felt undeniably springlike.  A very small boy sat in his stroller across from me on the train, reading aloud, joyfully, from a children’s book written in French.  And the “check file” bus was out in my neighborhood!  Oh, how I love the “check file” bus.  Bostonians, have you seen those buses?   The light-up sign out front that usually displays the bus’s route information simply says “CHECK FILE.”

Check file bus! Via Pylon757 on Flickr.

I guess I can relate to you, check file bus.  Clearly, you’re distracted.  Something’s gone wonky in your inner workings, and even though it’s pretty apparent that you’re not quite sure what you’re doing, you just keep driving along, following whatever route you’re supposed to be on.  People may not fully understand you all the time, check file bus, and for that, I appreciate you.  You will get where you’re going!  And so will I!