What I Did On My Summer Vacation (Part 1)

Hello, internet.  I know I have been woefully absent from my little fledgling blog, and for that I am sorry.  I plan to make that up to you, tenfold, in the coming days/weeks/months.  To begin my atonement, I present to you a multi-part series entitled What I Did On My Summer Vacation.

(Original, I know.)

To kick it off, I give you a photo recap of our weekend mini-trip to NYC for the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Jazz Age Lawn Party is a big two-day 1920s-style lawn party, complete with costumes, cocktails, a big band and dancing.  I’d wanted to go for years, so this year I decided it was time.  I gathered my cheap beads and a vaguely art deco-esque Urban Outfitters dress I’d scored at Buffalo Exchange* and hopped on the bus with the husband (and his old-timey bathing suit) in tow.  Here’s what the day looked like.

A full lawn.

Adam and Trudy in full regalia.

My dear friend Emily channels 1920s bohemian.

Emily x 2.

Me and my fella.

Balmy temperatures and long lines** notwithstanding, it was a mighty fine time.

Stay tuned for the next episode of What I Did On My Summer Vacation!  I promise there’s even more good stuff to share soon…

* I don’t shop at Urban Outfitters, for reasons maybe someday I’ll blog about.  #highhorse

** They eventually started bringing free cocktails to us poor souls waiting in the food lines…


August Insta(nt)gra(tification)m.

Hey, friends. Feast your eyes on August’s Instagram delights…

1. Husband and feathered friend.
2. Apparently you can exit reality right outside the Davis Square Au Bon Pain.
3. Getting some quality time with Lucy, our burlesque troupe’s first baby.
4. My classy husband’s classy shirt. (Confession: it was my idea.)
5. My first visit to Haberdash Vintage at SoWa Open Market (I got a dress – will play show and tell soon).
6. Various goods at the SoWa Vintage Market.
7. My sister and her new pup, Duncan.  I swear he’s real and not a Muppet.
8. Reclining at my hair appointment, complimentary peach sangria in hand.
9. One of the props for the routine I’m working on.
10. Heaven?
11. Presley, our dog-host during a weekend trip to NYC.
12. Doubtful.  Glitter is not that easily stopped.
14. Our trivia team name.
15. Deceptively gorgeous sky in Medford.
16. Sad Mr. Washington on the side of the Clover food truck in Dewey Square.